Being a Crunchy Momma is something that seems so simple and right to me, and yet everywhere I turn people are criticizing my parenting style, apparently, people think if you love your kids too much its bad for them. They tell me I am “spoiling” my child.

Right, whatever, crazy. He is only 5 months old, babies when they are young need you and need to know that you are there for them. Letting them cry it out causes trust issues and problems with bonding – it causes children to act out because they do not feel loved and they do not feel secure.

People don’t understand that attachment parenting will actually help create more independent kids. Why? Because they will be secure and confident with themselves, allowing them to properly develop and become independent unique intelligent individuals.You cannot “spoil” a baby by loving them, you are supposed to love them. Infants are at the age where they are learning to trust you, and to trust the world. If they can’t trust you to take care of their needs, then they won’t trust the world. Which will lead to emotional instability.

So love your children, hold them, kiss them, and remember they will not be babies for long. you only get to be their everything for so long.. TREASURE IT! cuddle with them! Whenever people tell me that I am holding my child too much, I just say back, but I only have x more time to hold him like this! why would I waste it on worrying about other peoples stupid opinions? This is precious time!

tell me you wouldnt cuddle this little person right here!?


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  1. Parenting is such a personal journey……own your journey, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.
    My style has changed from child to child, and only a fool would criticise my style. Want to see the lioness?
    You’re doing a great job……love is the best place to start!

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