Today was one of those days where the weather was just TOO good to not go outside. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and there was quite a lovely breeze. I decided to go on some errands and put Rhythm in his carrier. I love carriers.

Speaking of carriers, you think it would be simple to find a carrier right? Wrong. Babies don’t work like that. I mean some do, sure. Some will go in whatever carrier you want. Some definitely won’t though. Like Rhythm, he just won’t do some of them. I always wanted to be a baby-wearing momma. I love being close to my baby, I love the wraps, those are probably my favorite. In the beginning, Rhythm LOVED that. He loved hearing my heartbeat and feeling the warmth of my body heat. It made him feel like he was in the womb again. I love that there are so many different way to wear a wrap. I had a Moby Wrap, it was cheap. If Rhythm liked it I probably bought another wrap from another momma that makes them and sells them instead of the bigger company. I should have done that to begin with – but I didn’t think about it. I believe that when you are buying wraps and ring slings – try to get them from the little at home businesses. We gotta help fellow mommas out at any chance possible.


The moby wrap.

So, the wrap was fantastic. so many positions, for me it was pretty comfortable – but as rhythm got older, he started doing this thing where he leans diagonally while in the wrap. I have no idea why, but this kid always trys to turn sideways. He does this when i’m holding him too. Kids are funny.

So, that didn’t really work, so we went and tried a ring sling, I got one from listia (which is a place you can get free stuff – its like a barter system – more on that later, join though because it rocks.)


Ring Sling

The Ring Sling did not work well with me, and I really wanted it to because it looked so cute. You can buy it homemade. Love it. Well, It didn’t work like that. Rhythm didn’t like to sit still while I adjusted it, which was overly complicated to me. I know with more practice I could probably get it down faster, but it just was too much of a hassle, and once I got Rhythm in it, he just wanted to be taken back out again. I couldn’t figure out how to nurse it it, either. Gr. What else could I try?

The back pack style carriers.. I have to say, I really didn’t like those. I thought they were ugly and bulky. Well, I was given an infantino ergonomic.


Infantino Ergonomic

Well, my son LOVES this one. It goes on quick, and it snuggles him close to the heart. Except the snap in the back is the ONE place in my back that I cant reach to clip, so I always have to have someone help me with it. Also, I don’t like the weird fabric on the outside. I just don’t. It IS however pretty soft on the inside (the part that your baby is feeling.) I did life though, that it is very easy to nurse in.

I’m trying to save up money to get an Ergo baby carrier, its cute and it has nice soft fabric, it is supposed to distribute the babies weight more evenly, you can nurse in it, and it has a sun shade. and a pocket, (pretty nifty!)


The organic Ergo in dessert bloom, I wannttttt it!

its super pricey though, there is some places online you can find it for discounted prices, but it still 99 dollars, yikes. A girl can dream though, can’t she?

A mom’s job requires at least 8 hands – and we usually only end up with one hand. Carriers at least give you 1 more. Think of how much you could get done with one extra hand than you usually do. This is why carriers rock.

Finding the right carrier might be a struggle, but it is worth it. Having two hands, and the added benefit of nursing discreetly. Big win.

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