Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Its funny how I think about everything that I have this year that I did not have just a year before. A lot of things have changed in only one year, my, my, does time go fast. I now have a son, and I also now have a bed. A year ago I was not in a good place, I was homeless and living on the streets. This year has been filled with so much love it makes my heart melt. I feel so accomplished just being home with my family for the holidays. It is something we haven’t had in many years.

Of course with being around so many family, I’m sure many of you have experienced what I have experienced just today. People criticizing your parenting. Yep, it seems like every family member has their opinion on how you should raise your child, and while you know that you know best, many of them just do not understand. Today my grandmother had asked me why I hold my child all the time, I explained that having a close bond with his mother is good for his development, self-esteem, and confidence. She didn’t understand it, my grandma practiced Cry It Out method of parenting, she did schedules and couldn’t be further from the parenting style I practice.

The conversation went like this…

Grandma: Do you hold him all the time?

Me: Yes.

Grandma: Oh you shouldn’t do that, then he will want to be held all the time.

Me: Well i’m practicing Attachment Parenting style, it actually helps them become more confident and independent adults.

Grandma: Well it sure makes for dependent children.

I smiled and said, “I don’t mind.”

I wasn’t about to get into an argument with my Grandmother, someone who, I might add, I love and respect. I’m sure not going to take her parenting advice, however. 😀

My advice for the holiday season? When people try to criticize your parenting, smile, keep calm. Just tell them that your parenting style is what works best for your family, and let them know it is not up for discussion. Stand your ground, they will find something better to pick on your for (like what clothes you are wearing – or that new hair-do) Happy  Holidays everyone and remember what you are thankful for!

What are you thankful for?


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