My review on the Ergo.

So it finally came! My ergo baby carrier. They were having a black friday sale so I jumped in, I had been wanting to get it for a long time. I really wanted the organic, but it just wasn’t a smart decision financially so I opted for the original. (maybe I will get the organic one day..)

I took it out of the box, and right away I was in love with it. It is very visually pleasing, I got the Purple Mystic one.




So what I like about the Ergo.

Comfortable. Way more comfortable than any other carrier I have worn, it is still a lot of weight to carry around.

Pockets. It has a big pocket and a small pocket in the front. The big pocket has a zipper and you can fit a surprising amount of stuff in there. I use cloth diapers, but you could totally fit a couple disposables and some wipes there if you were going somewhere quick and didn’t want to lug a diaper bag with you. I put my phone, wallet, and chap stick in there and there was still plenty of room.

Sunshade/nursing cover/ head support: A cool feature that comes with the ergo is the sunshade hood. You could also use this as a nursing cover, but my son wouldn’t let me put it over him when he was nursing. Once he fell asleep, however, he let me put the hood on, which supported his head so i could be totally hands free.

Stylish. The ergo comes in a variety of colors, I feel less of a frumpy mom and more of a stylish hot young thing when i’m wearing my ergo. 

I give the ergo 5 crunchy stars for being the best carrier that I have come across thus far. i’m so obsessed with it right now. It definitely is worth the price. 


– Crunchy

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